Socail Code

TARGET LEATHER FASHIONS' social code of conduct specifies the demands of business conduct which we see as cardinal in our dealings with customers/raw material & accessories suppliers coupled with the long-term business relationship in a fair and honest manner at all times. Each individual’s human rights and dignity must be respected and protected. Human living conditions must be provided for each person. This Social Code of Conduct has been devised in support of the protection of every individual’s human rights and liberty. 

1) Employment
Based on respect of the fundamental human rights, voluntary of employment must be guaranteed and forced labor, corporal punishment and any illegal form of employment is strictly forbidden as provided in labor laws, which must be avoided by the raw material & accessories suppliers. The identity of each person is to be maintained in all respect as is practiced in TARGET LEATHER FASHION.

2) Child Labor
Child labor is a sin and is illegal as provided in the labor laws. Workers must not be below 18 years of age. It is highly unethical and unlawful to give employment to a child and TARGET LEATHER FASHION is committed to adhere to this social ethic and to pursue its customers/ raw material & accessories suppliers for the same.

3) Discrimination
Discrimination of any kind is strictly prohibited. Equality and equal opportunities are to be guaranteed for all employees irrespective of race, color, gender, cast and creed, or any other distinctions.

4) Working terms
TARGET LEATHER FASHION believes that working terms must be carried out under conditions which are proper and adequate with regard to the health and safety of those involved. The company also believes that wages as well as benefits must be comparable with the market and must be paid on regularly on time directly to the employee. Working hours have to be in accordance with working-time regulations and labor laws. A congenial working atmosphere including occupational hygiene must be provided and a maximum effort is to be made to ensure and promote health protection.

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