Guided by ethical business principles and transparent business philosophy, we are committed to offer our customers with the best products, within specified frame of time. The core of our business philosophy is to satisfy our customers with a durable range of leather clothes and products, which stands high on both quality and reliability front.

Striving for excellence in whatever we do, we endeavor to out-stand and out-perform thereby meeting with customer's specifications. Our professional business attitude and clear understanding of the leather industry drives us towards meeting with customer’s specifications. This help in forging long term business relation with our customers on the sidelines of mutual business grow.

Supported by the 'Social code of conduct', TARGET LEATHER FASHION provides sustainable jobs on regular basis, which encourages its workers to produce high quality products of all kinds with accessible price rates for the world market. We also train the workers entrusted with preserving the company’s manufacturing secrets. During this training, the apprentices are required to learn the skills necessary for crafting apparels. If at the end of this trial period the apprentice has not acquired the requisite expertise, he may be asked to leave - in the interests of the company’s reputation. Becoming a Target Leather' craftsman requires patience. The gradual incorporation of new workers into the company enables them to develop their abilities while acquiring the unmistakable TARGET LEATHER FASHIONS' style.

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