Leather Care

The objective of expert leather care is to maintain the characteristics of leather during use for as long as possible. In principle, we distinguish between two groups of leather care products: 

Surface active care products 
Leather goods and shoes are cared for using crèmes or wax emulsions, which are typical surface active care products. These products augment the leather’s surface and protect it against dirt.

Deep-acting care products 
Deep-acting leather care products include all leather oils and fats. These are designed to maintain the leather’s soft and supple properties and improve its waterproof characteristics.

Caring for rough leather (buckskin, suede and Nubuck leather)
Oils and waxes are not used here, as these have a tendency to stick to the surface. Rough leather, covered in dirt or with oily patches, is cleaned using a fine brush, sandpaper or an abrasive cloth. Aerosol waterproofing is recommended.

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