Customer Production

In recent times, while markets are reaching their saturation limits and customers are becoming more demanding, a paradigm shift has been taking place from mass production to mass-customized production. In MC the needs of an individual customer are translated into design, accordingly produced, and delivered to the customer. The challenge of modern production is to meet individual customer demands while remaining competitive in industry. A great deal of information, knowledge and coordination is required for meeting individual customer demands. 

TARGET LEATHER FASHION work closely with the customers at the R&D and production levels to optimize reagent development, production and integration essential to our standard. For over 10 years, TARGET LEATHER FASHION has continued to provide custom leather apparel solutions for many major designer brands, leather apparel wholesalers and leading promotional products distributors. Our mission is to become your most valuable custom solutions provider by helping you exceed and meet your customersŲŒ expectations.

Let our dedicated staff use our experience and expertise to help you create the perfect leather apparel package for your marketing program. With well equipped R&D, with robust production and manufacturing skills, you get the production capacity and reliability you need and trust. By offering the best value in the market, you will feel confident working with TARGET LEATHER FASHION! Merely select from a similar style from our line of apparel, simply send us a sample for a quote, or completely create your own one. Our Start-From-Scratch option allows you to create your very own one-of-a-kind apparel!

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